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Stories of Language and Migration

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Before and since colonisation, the area now called Melbourne / Birrarangga has resounded with a polyglot social and political life. In the 1890s, the decade before the infamous 'White Australia Policy' came into effect, the arrival of hundreds of migrants from South Asia and Lebanon saw the city become even more linguistically diverse. This exhibition tells some of the many stories of language, translation, and communication in this era. Click through to read more.

Translation Talk and Testimony

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Translation was frequently part of the process of settler colonial justice in the 1890s. The process of translating testimony meant that various languages were legally powerful, but only testimony transcribed into English-language text became part of colonial law's archive. Click through to view translations of witness testimonies and to read about the politics of translation.

References and Resources

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Find archival, historical, and literary resources, and read and hear more about migration, language, and law in Melbourne / Birrarangga. 

The Melbourne Poetry Map

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Take a poet-lead journey through Melbourne / Birrarangga streets, places, and corners.